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Professional Housekeeping Company

Cleantech Service is one of the leading player in the field of Housekeeping & Hygiene.
We provide valued services to Corporate offices, Educational institutions, Commercial complexes, Govt. establishment.


The Best Cleaning Company

Our assortment of service includes cleansing, hygiene, sanitization, landscaping, gardening, pantry, pest control & other need based service. We cover jobs like cleaning of workplace, floor & wall care, washroom service, carpet and upholstery cleaning , window and rack cleaning, pest control service, pantry service, maintaining garden & lawn, organizing events and other allied services.

Why we 

• Call us for any solution, anytime and anywhere
• Highly trained resources
• Cost effective service
• Fully mechanized and technology driven service
• Two tier monitoring mechanism
• Maintaining utmost standard and quality

Our Philosophy

• Offer a pleasant environment that is favorable to work and to live
• Provide a clean & hygienic surrounding filled with freshness & liveliness
• Surpass the expectation of our valued client
• Enhance operational efficiency through use of technology
• Ensure quality & consistency



Superior Cleaning Solutions


• Burnishing of floor, walls, ceilings & glass – use of floor scrubber, vacuum cleaner; removal of stains, mopping & sweeping
• Cleaning of doors, windows, air vents, furniture, file racks, cabinets, partitions, workstations, electrical fittings
• Cleaning of carpet & upholstery – removal of stain & spots, periodic cleaning of settled dirt, germs & other pollutants; vacuuming, shampooing, hot water extraction method, steam cleaning, deodorizing
• Removal & disposal of trash
• Clean elevator, stairway, corridor

Cafeteria Care

• Sanitize dining tables, chairs, cupboards, sinks
• Cleaning of refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine, drinking water dispenser
• Cleaning & sanitizing plates, bowls, cups, tumblers, water bottles

Washroom Care

• Deep cleaning and sanitization of tiles, floor, sinks, vitreous & non vitreous fixtures
• Cleaning of air vents, partitions, mirrors, door & windows
• Removal & disposal of trash, replace liners, sanitize container
• Disinfect all surface

Pest Control

• Prevention & eradication of Rats, Mice, Cockroaches, Termites, Houseflies, Mosquitoes, Bugs, Beetles …
• Weed & Garden Pest treatment
• Removal of food droppings, garbage, stagnant water
• Regular fumigation

Allied Service

• Service of part time personnel – carpenter, plumber, electrician, water purifier mechanic
• Service of full time personnel – receptionist, pantry boys, computer operator
• Travel & ticketing
• Guest house management
• Event Management- Organizing and arrangement of logistics for events and get-together like Picnic, Conference, Musical evening, Birthday celebration, Wedding, Festive décor & Fun outing


Landscaping & Gardening

• Nursery & flower beds development & maintenance
• Top dressing, pruning & watering of plants
• Periodical use of pesticides and fertilizers
• Lawn beautification & renovation
• Planting of seasonal varieties
• Indoor plant care
• Procurement of soil, manure, plantation & pesticides
• Laying of Korean grass pads
• Carpet grass & Rock garden maintenance
• Experienced & trained gardeners

Pantry Service

• Preparation & serving of tea, coffee, soup etc.
• Serving of food, snacks & water
• Managing crockery & tableware
• Coffee vending machine, refrigerators, dishwasher, induction cooktop, microwave, water purifier & other kitchen appliances


Cleantech Services

A sister concern of Shadow Advertising & Communications Pvt. Ltd. – a leading Advertising & Event Management company

One of the leading player in the field of Housekeeping & hygiene.
We provide valued services to Govt. & Corporate offices, Educational institutions, Commercial complexes .


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Plot No- 1010, Nayapalli
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